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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bauer Loop

Yesterday I rode with the Firestone & Summit group starting at the trestle. We did what was called the Bauer Loop. We road out towards Lillian via Jackson and Lillian Hwy then west on 98 to Bauer stopping at the Tom Thumb for a brief break and regrouping. Then on to Old Gulf Beach Hwy to Blue Angel, through the back gate to NAS and then back to town. It was a very nice ride and I made it home by 10am in time for birthday cake. Yep, that was my birthday ride. I felt strong, took several pulls and was almost always near the front. I really enjoyed myself. I was glad that I didn't cramp again, but the calves are still pretty tight.

Wednesday night was the last full moon ride. I missed it do to several reasons. As it turns out there was a crash during the ride which took out two riders who are now recuperating. It's a sad thing and I have many mixed feelings about it.

I didn't ride today, but instead played tennis with my loving wife. It's the first time in a long time that we have played tennis and tonight we are definitely feeling it. I would say it is probably pretty good cross training. Hopefully we will play again soon.

Tomorrow night I hope to ride the rollers doing the spin workout.  I really want to work on my spin in hopes of doing good next year on the track.  Speaking of track, I still need to edit and post some pictures I took at the track and make a post on the track which I had promised some time ago.  Sorry... been really busy working and getting a ride in when I can.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it, on Saturday's ride I took some homemade Ride Bars with me that my wife had made for me.  I had gotten the recipe from the USA Cycling website and given it to her.  The recipe was part of an article that talked about eating more solid food on rides and this was an alternative to using gels.  The Ride Bars were really good and I should have taken more with me.  I definitely will next time.  I shared some with a few of the guys and they liked them too.  They seemed to be amazed that my wife would do such a thing for me in support of my cycling.  I guess I am really blessed.  My wife has put up with my cycling for over 25 years now and she seems to truly understand.  I am thankful...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cramping Calves

Today was the Lillian loop with the Firestone & Summit group. We had around 20 riders, cooler temps, and windy. We had a pretty nice pace going to Lillian. Not too long after reaching Lillian, when the group started heading south, my calves decided to start cramping. I got dropped. I ended up riding with Nate to the 2nd stop on 98 and Bauer Rd. Later I got dropped again on Old Gulf Beach Hwy. This time it took me a long time to a catch a rider I saw in the distance. I finally caught Left Lane about 3/4 mile from Navy Blvd. We rode into town together. Going up the Barrancus bridge was quite painful. Left Lane and I parted ways after reaching downtown. I ended up limping home at 13 mph. A little over 3 hrs riding time. Except for my calves cramping, I would say it was a great ride.