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Monday, November 15, 2010

Posted 3 routes

Today was a windy dreary day with rain in the afternoon and evening. I started out to ride around 23 but cut it short to 15. It was so windy. I realized that I wasn't enjoying the ride and had other things that I could be doing. None the less, I'm glad that I rode. I rode the Spanish 15 today.

I mapped 3 routes today on MapMyRide; they are included in the list of rides on the right panel. I've been thinking about it for a while, but haven't really been able to take the initiative to sit down and map the routes. After doing the Three Amigos route this past Saturday, I knew that I better get these routes mapped out soon. Besides, I keep referring to the Spanish 15 and Loop-T-Loop in the blog. Those are the routes that I've been riding the most of lately. The Scenic 25 is still one of my favorites, but it takes time and energy. So here are the new mapped routes:
  • Spanish 15 - A fairly flat spinning route when there isn't time for a longer route.
  • Loop-T-Loop (23mi) - A variation of Spanish 15 which includes the Airport Loop and finishes on Scenic Hwy. This route is rather compact and doubles back on itself a couple of times with very little duplication.
  • Three Amigos - This is a Firestone & Summit group ride around 45 miles.

Three Amigos

Almost four weeks off the bike when you include the trip to AZ. I've pretty much recovered from my strained achilles tendon injury. It is still sore, but at least I can ride now as long as I'm careful not to strain it again.

My son and I rode with the Firestone group Saturday. We rode the Three Amigos route, about 45 miles for us. The pace was a little slow and the traffic seemed heavy (maybe because of the Blue Angle air show). On the home stretch my son broke away. I worked hard to catch him. I finally did, but it took me all of Garden Street to do it. It was a nice day to be on the bike.

I had never ridden the Three Amigos route before. It started with familiar roads heading north then west. There was a fairly long stretch of Blue Angle Pkwy which had a lot of traffic. Then the course got onto Lillian Hwy. At first I was a bit concerned because there was little to no shoulder, but the traffic thinned out rather quickly and the views of Perdido Bay were very nice. We then found ourselves on Dog Track road, then Gulf Beach Hwy. From there we went through Navy Point and then the Country Club. Once we got onto Barrancas Ave. we knew we were on the home stretch and for some of us the pace picked up considerably. Overall the course was nice. If it weren't for the traffic, I'd say it was a very nice course, but being Blue Angle Homecoming Show weekend could have had a lot to do with the heavy traffic.

Last week we rode the Spanish 15 and Loop-T-Loop routes. Not really very many miles. I wanted to test the ankle, but gently. Last night my wife and I rode the Townies around the neighborhood; it was nice to get her back on the bike too.

We are trying to get back into training/riding. But, it is hard. Between my work and my son's school it is taking a lot of discipline to make ourselves make the time to ride. But once we get on the bike all is good. Right now when it comes to training I just want to concentrate on the miles, but work keeps getting in the way.