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Monday, January 9, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

This was past weekend was absolutely beautiful with temps in the 70's. You would have never guessed it was the first week of January.

Saturday we took advantage of the weather and road Around the Bay with the Firestone and Summit group. It was a bit cool to start; my son and I both wore arm warmers which we took off at the first rest stop. Riding across the Escambia fill we did encounter some thick fog. It was so thick I had to take my glasses off to see. After reaching the end of South Spencer Field Road the group split into short/long route groups with the hope of rejoining at the 2nd rest stop. The ride down Hamilton Bridge Road into Milton was very nice as the road had recently been repaved. None the less, we were ready for that first rest stop to shed some clothes and get some stores.

The 2nd leg of the route was quite pleasant with a strong pace. Again we had a little split into 2 groups with the slower group going down Garcon Point Road (county rd 191) and the faster group taking county road 191C to later rejoin. The faster group did catch the slower group on Garcon Point Road not too far north of the toll booth. We waited at the toll booth for some of the slower riders. My son got yelled at by the toll booth attendant for not riding on the sidewalk; so in the future, everyone should ride on the sidewalk when going through the toll booth. Riding over the Garcon Point Bridge was the easiest that it has ever been; there was no wind to speak of. The water was so glassy and pretty.

We regrouped at the Walmart gas station and then headed home via Tiger Point and along the sound for the 3rd leg of the route. The short route group had already come and gone before the long route group arrived. I personally had gotten dropped and chased all the way to the Gulf Breeze Hospital where the group was waiting to regroup before going over the Pensacola Bay Bridge. Again, the water was slick and beautiful.

At the end of the ride I had roughly 60 miles with and average of 18.7 which isn't too bad considering all the really slow sections. In the faster sections we all worked pretty good together trying to maintain a steady pace. I really enjoyed this ride and I'm glad that my son got to ride it too. I always enjoy riding with him. Sure wish I had some pictures to share.

Sunday I road with a small group out of Firestone and Summit. We did a little loop that took us around University Mall and then downtown and back home. It was a nice spin to work out some of the soreness from the previous day. Again, the temps were nice; it was shorts and short sleeve weather.

All I can say is it sure is great to live in Florida.

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