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Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring in January

The weather has been very spring like lately often times with temperatures in the 70's. Sometimes I think it even smells like spring. All I can say is "enjoy it while you can".

Last week was a good week for me on the bike. I rode five of seven days which is pretty normal for me, but I increased the distance. For Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I did a 30 mile loop; I call it Hour Loop plus Scenic. I did group rides on Saturday and Sunday (Three Amigos and Sunday Afternoon Ride). I ended up with around 175 miles for the week. That is actually pretty good for me and may be the most I've ridden in one week for a long time.

I have been wanting to ride Hour Loop plus Scenic for some time now, but never really had the time. I like the Hour Loop because it is simple and takes me a little over an hour. I have always liked Scenic 25, but I just don't ride it like I use to. I've come to the conclusion that I MUST start riding Scenic Highway more just to get the hills in. So, by combining the two routes I get a route that is a little longer, has some hills, and combines two of my favorite loops.

I am hoping that I can make this route my standard ride. I have created some variations that add the Escambia Fill and/or UWF in order to add a little more distance to this route. The biggest problem in doing the longer routes is going to be time. As it is, this route takes me close to two hours. I am hoping that I can start riding this route twice a week (maybe Tuesday and Thursday) and then on Wednesday ride something a little longer. I have a 50 mile route that I'm really wanting to ride, but I'm not sure I want to try in solo.

So far this year has pretty good. That's nice, only three weeks. Hope your year is going smoothly as well. Later...

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